Christian. You Should Love The Church


Eph 5:25 "Husbands, love your wives, as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her"


           If you could get a window into my life a decade or so ago you would have heard me say something like this "I love Jesus, but not the church." I don't think I am alone. You been there?  Many of you have gone through similar stages that I went through. You had a bad church experience. We think "It is not supposed to be this way!" So we complain and sleep in on Sundays. Conclusion? "I'll just pray, read my bible, and just do my own thing with Jesus. 

           Until? God open's your eyes and heart to a verse like Eph 5:25. Wow! Jesus loves and gave himself up for his bride the church! This, then, is the question that I (You) are faced with. Am I at liberty to say I love Jesus while slandering and neglecting his bride? Answer. No! So I love the local church. 

           Consider this from a similar angle. My wife is Jordan. I love my wife. Yes she has flaws. Jordan would be the first to admit that. But, she is fantastic! So I ask you. How do you think I would respond if you came up to me and declared "Jared? I like you, but your wife! I don't like Jordan at all." I might just pull out my Kershaw Ken Onion knife and cut you! Wait... Okay not that. But, I would not appreciate your words, as authentic as they may be. 

          There is a better way. Love what Jesus loves. Get connected with the body of Christ. Love Jesus and love his bride. After all, you claim to be a part of it:)