The Cult Leader and The Theological Conservative

Is there a difference between "Scripture vs Scripture" and "Scripture Interpreting Scripture?" I think so.

The shape of the "Scripture vs Scripture" model. Step one is to make the Bible say or not say whatever you want it to say or not say by using the Bible. You just have to put one verse against another verse to discover which verse can be thrown out. It does not matter if you're a theological liberal or conservative, this model works. If that is the kind of "Work" you want the Bible to do for you. Cult leaders can use this method as well as the "Biblical Authority" guy. The real problem lies not with the Bible, but in the heart of the person who only loves some of the Bible.

The better way is the "Scripture interprets Scripture" model. The starting point with this model is the bedrock truth of the sufficiency of all the scriptures. This model never puts scripture against scripture because the Bible is never against the Bible. The goal of the person following this model is to lay down their position and take up the Biblical position. If we are going to interpret the Bible with the Bible then it is going to require us to objectively say "Yes" and "Yes" to the very things others are saying "Yes" and "No" too.

Seek the later. When we come to the Bible, lets not put it against itself or attempt to shape it. Rather, love all of the Bible and be shaped and changed by it.