The Missio Dei

The Scriptures teach us that Christ has left His Church a very specific mission: to make disciples of all nations for His glory. Therefore we exist to proclaim the Gospel together for the glory of God through Gospel-Centered Worship, as a loving Community of disciples formed by the Gospel, and as Missionaries propelled by the Gospel to make disciples of all nations. We refer to this the Missio Dei - the mission of God.

We exist to proclaim the Gospel together for the glory of God through Gospel-Centered Worship, Community, and Mission. 

Our StRategy

There are two contexts in which our Mission is fleshed out:

God has called His followers individually to be both salt and light in every context of their lives. Practically, this means that we consider ourselves to be missionaries at all times and all places, faithfully proclaiming the gospel both in word and deed and allowing our lives to be shaped by its power. One mark of this transformation is a growing intentionality in inviting others to respond to God and a growing commitment to shepherd them into spiritual maturity.

God has also called His followers to one another. It is in this loving community that we gather to worship Him together weekly, proclaiming His gospel, and using our spiritual gifts to build each other up. This also looks like a growing commitment to share our lives together weekly both in small groups and discipleship relationships, spurring one another on to love and good works, and bearing each other’s burdens as we await His glorious return.

Our Mission Field

CARBONDALE, ILLINOIS is a global community -- one in which people from countries all over the world come to live and further their education. Because of the presence of SIU, “Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and the ends of the earth” have come to our doorstep, and though the harvest is plenty, the laborers are few. It is our firm conviction that planting in this city is an opportunity for the worship and glory of God to spread not just in Carbondale, but throughout the world.