My name is Jared Sparks. I grew up in Christian home in Southern Illinois. In 2002 moved to Tennessee for college and then back to Southern Illinois in 2008. I met my wife Jordan shortly after and we got married July 2010. We have a son named Ransom who was born in 2014. I am so thankful that God saved me, let me marry Jordan and become a father. It is now my joy to be one of the pastors of Christ Church.

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My name is Andy Claud. Both my wife Kathy and I were raised in the mountains near Asheville, NC, and we enjoy hiking, reading, making music, southern cooking, and playing with our son, Asaph, and our daughters, Elisabeth and Charlotte. God, in towering grace, saved me and made me alive together with Christ when I was 14 years old, and it has been my joy to serve Him ever since. We are proud to call Southern Illinois home,                and I am thrilled to be one of the pastors of Christ Church and to lead The Church Consort.

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rachel moake

Rachel grew up in Hamilton County in Southern Illinois. She and her husband Cody have been married since August of 2011. They enjoy spending time with their friends and family. They also have two adorable fur babies named Dakota and Ginger.





Cale Fauver

Cale is a pastoral resident at Christ Church.